StreetStyle 101

BRACELET: Pandora OFF-SHOULDER TOP: Zara JOGGERS: Topshop SNEAKERS: Oak + Fort Looking put together while still being comfortable is a challenge for some. My rule: never pull out the sweats and always remember to accessorize. Joggers are a great substitute when wanting to feel loose and free. Sneakers are a must when there’s a long day ahead and running […]

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Meet: The Girl Gang

It’s about time I introduce you to my two very special cheetahs. They’re my go-to when I’ve feeling boogie, blazing, bright and ready for a day of slaying. They’re my adventurous pals that can go on for hours spilling about the newest of the new. Meet: Azin and Kerry Ann. One day with them, and […]

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Travel now, think later

FLETCHER FALLS, BRITISH COLUMBIA   LAKE LOUSIE, ALBERTA   MORAINE LAKE, ALBERTA   COLUMBIA LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA   Having always traveled outside of Canada, I was unaware of the beauties that this country had to offer. So this summer, I decided to travel west towards Alberta and British Columbia. Hikes after hikes, the views grew […]

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BANDANA: Vintage GLASSES: Urban Outfitters CHOCKER: Zara TOP: Guess DENIM SKIRT: Topshop KICKS: Oak + Fort The sunshine, alongside my tan, are finally here. To celebrate, I pulled out a black Guess dress, and almost left the house until I realized the outfit wasn’t complete for me. The denim skirt turned out to be the perfect spark for a snazzy […]

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Bikini Szn

BIKINI FEATURED: Kira Swim (Daria Collection – Mustard) SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters BODY CHAIN: Aldo  BIKINI FEATURED: Zaful SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters Although it may not be bikini season in Toronto, being prepared for it is essential with it creating up on us and all. While I patiently wait for the rainy 11 degree weather to warm up to the sunny 30s, […]

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Spring Strolls

Chocker: M for Mendocino Boutique Necklace: Swarovski Dress: Revamped Trench Coat: Vintage find Kicks: Oak and Fort Bag: Kenneth Cole · Good weather has hit the city and my pale skin is finally starting to be kissed by the sun and lavished with Vitamin D. Since the cool winds haven’t officially entered a hiatus till the fall season, a light pink trench was needed […]

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La Société: the place to be

  This is a sneak peak of a place that sits on the second floor of an office building in the heart of the Toronto Yorkville Village scene. Here at La Société, details are found everywhere: from the ceiling, to the floors, to the authentic French cuisine. Being a fanatic of all things français, I quickly fell amoureuse avec […]

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Leave Her Missing

I know where to find you. Your psychedelic maze of thoughts hide underneath that broken down bed of yours. Above, the pillow and sheets rigorously distressed terrorize you each night. You curse that place, you dread it. I can hear them calling you back, trying to lure you out of that tight space with which you […]

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10:39 –

Physically written out, it was all there infront of you. Funny how the eyes have a way of deleting, the mind has a way of dreaming,  and the heart has a way of believing.  Fool, it was all there infront of you, yet you decided to trust the scribbles with the thousand under[lying] meanings .. oh […]

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A Game with Time

Cream Chocker: Oak and Fort Black Chocker: Brandy Melville 16 inches Necklace: Lucky Feather Hawaii State Necklace Longest Necklace: Adorne (Australia) Top: Brandy Melville Skirt: Forever 21 Sneakers: Converse Finding my signature set of necklaces got tricky, fast once I started my hunt for them. Not even a week would go by after my purchase and I’d already be tired of it, deciding in […]

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