The Plague

The mind trembles. As the body attempts to consume every distraction known to mankind, the mind trembles.  Smeared, tricked by all these worthless possessions and meaningless activities: the mind is tamed for awhile. As it no longer shrieks in despair,  the mind and body cohere. As time gets ripped beneath the skin, lifeless entities no longer sooth the mind. Though a planted […]

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L’Espresso Bar Mercurio

Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, this chic classic Italian European café offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for those seeking it. The zucchini fries give a healthy and indulging alternative. Either for a quick stop for a coffee or a sit-down lunch, this place is a must-try. Top Classic Chicken Club […]

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Vintage Meets Contemporary

Ironic isn’t it? Just how easily something worn from years ago can be pulled and incorporated with the new without making it seem too old-fashioned or even out of date. Inspired by this idea, this formal outfit emerged. From brand names such as Gucci, all the way to forgotten vintage collections. The Old Vintage Dress; […]

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