The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

When the madness ends, I plead that somewhere between the rugged crossed-patches, past the craziness, you stumble, you encounter, touch-upon the realist form of you: whatever it may be. Do not fear its complications, you hold no more escape routes. It is time that you realize that all those patches, all that roughness, the insanity […]

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Laugh a little will ya?

Whether you’re pulling off that smirk, or laughing away, this look will follow whatever aura you’re little heart wishes to give off that day and any day. Perfect for those cooler days as the soft sweater and trench coat will keep you cozy. Wear the trench coat over your shoulders and it very well could slide as a […]

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My Go-To

Fresh Restaurants With many locations situated in downtown Toronto, Fresh is the modern vegetarian and vegan eatery. Their menu has a variety of different options which also includes nutrient-packed fresh smoothies. Don’t be fooled, the patty in the above picture is made-from-scratch almond & grain thus 100% vegan friendly though the taste is almost indistinguishable if not better. This restaurant […]

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