10:39 –

Physically written out, it was all there infront of you. Funny how the eyes have a way of deleting, the mind has a way of dreaming,  and the heart has a way of believing.  Fool, it was all there infront of you, yet you decided to trust the scribbles with the thousand under[lying] meanings .. oh […]

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A Game with Time

Cream Chocker: Oak and Fort Black Chocker: Brandy Melville 16 inches Necklace: Lucky Feather Hawaii State Necklace Longest Necklace: Adorne (Australia) Top: Brandy Melville Skirt: Forever 21 Sneakers: Converse Finding my signature set of necklaces got tricky, fast once I started my hunt for them. Not even a week would go by after my purchase and I’d already be tired of it, deciding in […]

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