Bikini Szn


BIKINI FEATURED: Kira Swim (Daria Collection – Mustard)

SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters





SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters

Although it may not be bikini season in Toronto, being prepared for it is essential with it creating up on us and all. While I patiently wait for the rainy 11 degree weather to warm up to the sunny 30s, I hopped on a plane and found myself on a quick little trip to Mexico. There I refreshed, de-stressed, and fed my skin with that Vitamin D glow. It also gave me the chance to show off a few of my favourite bikinis which are so very hard to find in stores these days. Zaful and Kira Swim are both perfect online stores to find the latest and trendiest collections. I’ve also been looking all over for an affordable body chain, which I ended up finding at Aldo for only $13 and new knock-off-YSL sunnies at Urban Outfitters for only $20. Hope this gives you some ideas on where to hunt for your next cheeky, fun bathing suits! Have fun hunting lovelies. xx

– V

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