Travel now, think later

FLETCHER FALLS, BRITISH COLUMBIA   LAKE LOUSIE, ALBERTA   MORAINE LAKE, ALBERTA   COLUMBIA LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA   Having always traveled outside of Canada, I was unaware of the beauties that this country had to offer. So this summer, I decided to travel west towards Alberta and British Columbia. Hikes after hikes, the views grew […]

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La Société: the place to be

  This is a sneak peak of a place that sits on the second floor of an office building in the heart of the Toronto Yorkville Village scene. Here at La Société, details are found everywhere: from the ceiling, to the floors, to the authentic French cuisine. Being a fanatic of all things français, I quickly fell amoureuse avec […]

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My Go-To

Fresh Restaurants With many locations situated in downtown Toronto, Fresh is the modern vegetarian and vegan eatery. Their menu has a variety of different options which also includes nutrient-packed fresh smoothies. Don’t be fooled, the patty in the above picture is made-from-scratch almond & grain thus 100% vegan friendly though the taste is almost indistinguishable if not better. This restaurant […]

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L’Espresso Bar Mercurio

Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, this chic classic Italian European café offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for those seeking it. The zucchini fries give a healthy and indulging alternative. Either for a quick stop for a coffee or a sit-down lunch, this place is a must-try. Top Classic Chicken Club […]

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