Leave Her Missing

I know where to find you. Your psychedelic maze of thoughts hide underneath that broken down bed of yours. Above, the pillow and sheets rigorously distressed terrorize you each night. You curse that place, you dread it. I can hear them calling you back, trying to lure you out of that tight space with which you […]

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10:39 –

Physically written out, it was all there infront of you. Funny how the eyes have a way of deleting, the mind has a way of dreaming,  and the heart has a way of believing.  Fool, it was all there infront of you, yet you decided to trust the scribbles with the thousand under[lying] meanings .. oh […]

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somewhere between the lonesome crooked body and the pathetically crafted emptiness that invaded, she lost her beauty. Unlovable little thing she was, she is and she will remain.    VEE

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The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

When the madness ends, I plead that somewhere between the rugged crossed-patches, past the craziness, you stumble, you encounter, touch-upon the realist form of you: whatever it may be. Do not fear its complications, you hold no more escape routes. It is time that you realize that all those patches, all that roughness, the insanity […]

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The Plague

The mind trembles. As the body attempts to consume every distraction known to mankind, the mind trembles.  Smeared, tricked by all these worthless possessions and meaningless activities: the mind is tamed for awhile. As it no longer shrieks in despair,  the mind and body cohere. As time gets ripped beneath the skin, lifeless entities no longer sooth the mind. Though a planted […]

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